A to Z Challenge – Towns in New Zealand

Friday, April 1st  A – Ashburton 

380px-New_Zealand_location_map_transparent.svgI could have started off with Auckland, everyone knows where Auckland is and if you don’t just put it in Google, you will soon find out about it.

No, I’m picking towns in New Zealand, not cities, some I haven’t even heard of them myself, but I’m sure enjoying the searching and finding information about them, that I didn’t know myself, so I can share it with you.

As the years go,by, I may even visit them and give them a personally seen update.


Ducks on the pond, Ashburton Domain, Ashburton, NZ. Photo Credit

Friday, April 1  A – Ashburton 

Ashburton lies in the middle of the fertile Canterbury Plains in the South Island of New Zealand.

Dairy farming is one of the main operations, provided irrigation is used.

There is a cinema, swimming pool two local golf courses, a walking track coastwards along the northern side of the river from State Highway 1.

The township has a population of 19,600, with an additional 12,400 living in the wider district.

It is is on State Highway 1 86 kilometres (53 mi) south of Christchurch.

The beaches adjacent to Ashburton are steep and shingly with a strong undertow, making them unsafe to swim, but suitable for surf-casting.

If you would like to know more about Ashburton.



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  2. Oh, I missed your theme-reveil, but I am very happy to read it’s about New Zealand. I don’t know much about it as it’s so far away… I’m looking forward to your following posts.

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    • Sorry about my theme reveal, I didn’t get it done, we have been shifting into town. I have no computer on the farm now, so I have to wait until we come to our town house, to use the internet, been very stressful for me.
      Still hoping I can do all the A to Z challenge.

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      • Good to know that I haven’t missed anything. I really hope you manage to finish the challenge. I hope you and your husband like your new house in town and enjoy staying there.

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  3. What a lovely photo! I look forward to seeing more towns, I want to travel to New Zealand in the next few years so you’ll be providing some helpful information too. 🙂


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