A to Z Challenge – Blenheim – Towns in New Zealand


Photo Credit. The Taylor River in Central Blenheim

Saturday, April 2 – B. Blenheim

Blenheim  is the most populous town in the region of Marlborough, in the north-east of the South Island of New Zealand.

It has an urban population of 30,600 (June 2015 estimate).

Grape growing has been one of the fastest growing industries and Marlborough is now New Zealand’s largest wine producing region, receiving worldwide recognition for its sauvignon blanc wines.

Olive growing has also become popular in recent years.

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  1. Wine and Olives … that’s wonderful. For me it sounds like France, Greece and Italy all in one place. And then I see some sort of palm trees… It looks great.

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    • Wine and Olives, all we need now is the cheese, we could be having a great celebration, especially now that we have started the A to Z challenge, still hoping I make it to the end.
      Back to the farm now, my husband isn’t well, cancer, one of the reasons we are shifting into town, but my husband wants to spend his time while he can still work, on the farm.
      Hard times for me, hope to be back in town Monday to put Letter C on the internet.

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      • Sorry to hear that. I hope your husband can enjoy working on the farm as long as possible.

        Do you know that you can set a time when your post will be published?!
        If you publish your posts as administrator the date and time is at the right hand side. If you write and publish them with the “easy way” to publish it’s at the left hand side and if you publish with the app there should be a possibility in the menu. After you’ve clicked on the date you can change it and preschedule your posts. This way you can write your posts in advance and they will automatically be published at the right time.
        If you can’t find where to change it please tell me then I make some screen shots to show you how it is done.

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      • Thanks for the info about setting a time to publish the A to Z posts, will have to do that as I’m not going to meet each day to get them published, must check it out if I can find enough time.
        Thanks for being a great friend. Appreciate you very much.


    • Nice comment, I love hearing what a picture reminds the reader of, as it usually brings pleasant memories. Like the bit about the “photo depicts blessings of natural resources”, as it’s most likely very true.

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      • My country, Philippines, is also blessed by God with abundant natural resources. Your posts gave me an idea what to write about my Tokens of Gratitude feature. I’m so excited to share it.

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