A to Z Challenge – Lower Hutt – Town in New Zealand


Photo CreditLower Hutt from the air, looking eastwards.

Thursday, April 14,  L – Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt  is a city in the Wellington Region of the North Island of New Zealand, with a population of 102,000, 2015 census estimated.

The city covers an area of 377 km2(146 square miles) around the lower half of the Hutt Valley and the eastern shores of Wellington Harbour.

It is separated from Wellington proper by the harbour, and from Upper Hutt by the Taitā Gorge.

There are hills to about 350 m (1000 ft) line both sides of the valley within the city limits.

The western hills have been populated as residential areas, but the eastern side is protected and clad in native bush and scrub.


State Highway 2 (Rimutaka Hill Road) near the top of the range

I have been to Lower Hutt, driving in from Featherston, through the Rimutakas, (a town in the South Wairarapa District in the Wellington Region, beautiful scenery, long winding roads, which made me car sick.

If you would like to know more about Lower Hutt. http://www.huttcity.govt.nz/


    • True it would all though I haven’t been to Hobart I have seen some beautiful scenery of Tasmania.
      After all, it’s not far from New Zealand.
      Thanks for the visit and comment.


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