A to Z Challenge – New Plymouth – Town in New Zealand


Photo Credit – Looking across New Plymouth to Mt. Egmont/Taranaki.

Saturday, April 16,  N – New Plymouth

New Plymouth is the major city of the Taranaki Region on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

The district has a population of 74,184, about two-thirds of the total population of the Taranaki Region. This includes New Plymouth City (56,300), Waitara (6,483), Inglewood (3,380), Oakura (1,359), Okato (561) and Urenui (429). Waitara is where I live now in our town house, Urenui is where our farm is.

The city itself is a service centre for the region’s principal economic activities including intensive pastoral activities (mainly dairy farming) as well as oil, natural gas and petrochemical exploration and production.


Coastal Walkway in New Plymouth

The Coastal Walkway is an 13 km path that forms an expansive sea-edge promenade stretching almost the entire length of the city, from the Bell Block mouth in the east to Port Taranaki in the west.

The pathway includes the iconic Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and is ideal for walking, running, cycling or skating, or simply enjoying the view of the dramatic west coast of Taranaki NZ.

New Plymouth is the district I live in, I’m very proud of it, my ancestors on my father’s side arrive in New Plymouth on the William Bryan, which was the place where the first of the town’s settlers berthed, they anchored off the coast on 31 March 1841.

  If you would like to know more about New Plymouth


  1. I haven’t walked that walkway yet, but now I have shifted to Waitara I certainly will be doing it.
    Halfway along the walkway you come to the Centre City Mall where you can stop and have a coffee or something to eat. Well, worth the trip to New Zealand to see New Plymouth, there is so much to enjoy.
    Hope you do get here one day. Nice meeting you, thanks for following.


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