A to Z Challenge – Ohope Beach – Town in New Zealand


Photo Credit Aerial view of Ohope Beach looking west (towards Kohi point).

Monday, April 18,  O – Ohope Beach

Ohope Beach is a beach in the eastern Bay of Plenty, on the northeast coast of the North Island of New Zealand, six kilometres east and over the hill, from Whakatane.

It is a popular holiday destination during the New Zealand summer and features several kilometres of safe swimming beaches.

I don’t know what the population of Ohope Beach is ( maybe someone reading this can tell us). Must be someone living there as the Ohope Beach Primary School, has 15 classrooms with 320 students.


Photo Credit Digging for Tuatuas on Ohope Beach.

If you would like to know more about Ohope Beach


  1. I used to dig Tuatuas and the likes year back 2004 in our place in the province, our house is just walking distance to the sea. This article made me long for that moment to happen in the future. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place.


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