A to Z Challenge – Yaldhurst – Town in New Zealand


Photo Credit   c1886 Hearse – Used in Invercargill by McDonald and Western. Glass Sides were an improvement on previous, sombre box-like hearses.

Friday, April 29,  Y – Yaldhurst

Yaldhurst is a suburb in Christchurch South Island of New Zealand.

The Yaldhurst Museum is located in the suburb of Yaldhurst, Christchurch, South Island of New Zealand.

Many of the exhibits are displayed in their original condition and include cars, racing cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, power-cycles, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, tractors, agricultural equipment, stationary engines, military items and fire engines.

Also at the museum is the original Yaldhurst School building relocated in April 1984

If you would like to know more about Yaldhurst.

A little added extra, as Yaldhurst is a suburb in Christchurch, they have beautiful gardens, here is a photo I think you will like.


Photo CreditChristchurch Botanic Gardens.

Y – is  for Yea, I have one more letter before the end of A to Z challenge.


  1. I’ve never once thought a hearse beautiful, until now. How much kinder to the survivors to send such a beautiful carriage for their departed loved one. The garden is lovely too. You take such lovely photos!

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