A to Z challenge April 2016 – Towns in New Zealand

I joined a blog challenge back in February, A to Z challenge, where we wrote a post a day based on the alphabet during the month of April, my posts were about “Towns in New Zealand”.


Map of New Zealand, hope it helps you to get a better idea of where about these towns are

Photo CreditTopographic map of New Zealand with islands and main population centers labelled.

Did you know?

New Zealand’s population is 4,597 million estimated June 2015, the statistics for Auckland is 1,454,300, more than quarter of the people living in New Zealand live in Auckland.

Here’s a  summary of my A to Z posts.

A –  Ashburton.

B – Blenheim.

C – Carterton.

D – Dargaville.

E – Eltham.

F – Feilding.

G – Gisborne.

H – Hamilton.

I – Invercargill.

J – Jacks Point.

K – Kaikoura.

L – Lower Hutt.

M – Matamata.

N – New Plymouth.

O – Ohope Beach.

P – Palmerston North.

Q – Queenstown.

R – Rotorua.

S – Stratford.

T – Tauranga.

U – Upper Hutt.

V – Vogel Town Wellington & Vogel Town New Plymouth.

W – Wanaka.

X – Mark that something is wrong.

Y – Yaldhurst.

Z – Zero marker at the centre of New Zealand.

Thanks to everyone that read, liked and commented on my posts.

I appreciated it, hope you found something of interest.

Looking forward to A to Z in April 2017.


  1. You had quite a challenge and arose to the it!! I enjoy learning about other countries. I would love to hear of different cultures or customs from your country next year. How does that sound?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing so much about New Zealand. Here in the USA, I don’t think we hear enough about your country. It was interesting to hear about some of the other towns and cities, besides Auckland and Christchurch.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! You are the reason I joined this challenge. I was blog hopping, hoping to find some good blogs to follow and I found you and your post about preparing for this challenge and here we a month later. So glad I found ya


  4. Congrats for finishing A to Z.. now April is over, I shall be catching up on the towns I sadly missed on your Town tour of New Zealand…


  5. It has been a wonderful month having to learn more about New Zealand, made me appreciate your country more and sparked my interest in visiting it. Thank you for sharing photos and important facts about its towns, you entertained and fascinated us!


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