Wordpress Everyday Inspiration – Write a list – Things I like


Lesson two – Everyday Inspiration, Things I Like – plus a little rambling from a writer.

Watching the sun rise in the morning.

Animals, newborn kittens, puppies, piglets, lambs, and calves.

Seeing a newborn animal getting to its feet and trying to walk to get its first feed.

Watching animals feeding on a fresh paddock of grass.

Hearing a Bellbird singing in the treetops.

Country music, especially yodeling, like in the swiss mountains.

Watching a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day.

Walking in the bush with my husband and discovering little things like an ice cream cone hole dug into the ground where  a kiwi has been burrowing for worms.

The fact I still wake up every morning with my husband of fifty-six years sleeping beside me.

Looking back over the last sixty years and where it has taken me since I was a teenager. (memories).

Actually, this is harder than you think to make a list, especially when you are in your seventies and just want to relax and enjoy your retirement without a lot of hustle and bustle of living life after years of hard work.

I believe most of you would like a holiday or spend time with your grandchildren, but my grandchildren are all grown up and have children of their own, they spend time with their grand   parents, (my children).

It would be nice to have some comments from other older bloggers, that are in their late seventies about what they enjoy in life, as most of my friends at this age are in old people’s home, or need home-help, but that isn’t for me and my husband, we are still very alert and can still farm and feed our animals, drive, cook meals every day that are healthy not takeaways, grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Did you know that WordPress have a program that you can download and keep track of your Notes.


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