WordPress Everyday Inspiration – One Word Inspiration – Regret


Blessing to all who read this post, it is Day three, of Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration, One Word Inspiration – Regret.

I have many regrets in my life.

But would I have done it any different if I could start my life over again?

This is my biggest regret.

Listening to my future brother-in-law saying bad words about my boyfriend at the age of eighteen.

These words, ” You will never get anywhere in life, you are a no hopper, wasting away your life”, plus a whole lot more terrible words.

We were already planning our wedding, so from that day on, I made up my mind that we would prove to everyone that John (my husband of fifty-six years) wasn’t a no hopper.

That was most likely my biggest mistake because it seems as though my children have suffered because of this according to all problems we now have in our family.

I went to work for 30 years, mostly in the rag trade, helped run a farm and brought up five children, it was a case of having to do it so we could meet the payments on our dairy farm.

Here’re some of my regrets, that have come back to hit me in the gut by some of my children.

I was never there for my children in the morning when they caught the school bus and returned home at the end of the school day.

I never made time for them to talk about what had happened at school during the day.

When it was sports day all other children had their parents supporting them, my children had no parents there at all.

I always made sure they had their lunches packed every night so it was up to them to make sure they picked up their lunches off the bench before they caught the bus, as I had already left for work, by then.

Now it all comes down to “If I had never started our marriage out to prove that my husband wasn’t a no hopper it looks as though I would have a happy family, and I wouldn’t be getting blamed for not being a good mother to my children.

My husband and I wouldn’t have what we have now a farm in the country a house in town, no mortgage, but maybe I would have a happy family with no problems.

Now I can sit down and think, I’m  an old women that have many regrets and memories I would rather not think about in my golden years.



  1. Life is hardly ever perfect. Hindsight is a bane for, how could we know then what we know now? And if we did it the other way, would that mean no regrets?

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