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Day Four, of Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A story in a Single Image

My friend and I had decided to go camping in the bush for a couple of days, we had everything prepared knapsacks were ready, we were dropped off at the foot of the ranges by a mate that was going to pick us up when we returned.

We found a place with some shelter, got some dry kindly, lit a fire, had a meal and retired for the evening.

Getting up the next morning the fire we had made the night before still had embers glowing so we had a cooked breakfast, giving us energy for the tramp we intended to take for our first day of this adventure.

We had been walking for some time through lightly clad trees and bush, but now the trees were getting taller, heavy with lichen and the path was getting narrower.

We had been climbing up a steep grade further down the ridge and had come to the entrants of another track, not sure which one to take, we decided to stick to the right-hand one, but now we were wondering if we had made the right decision.

The trees were starting to over power the daylight and no sun was shining in the treetops, so we decided to turn back and retrace our steps in case we lost our way on our first day, we had been working for sometime when my friend said she thought it was funny we haven’t come to the join of the two-way track, I was thinking the same thing, but wasn’t going to say anything.

Anyway we keep following the track down, we must be getting to the bottom soon, there seemed to be more life, birds were flying around grabbing the insect we were disturbing as we walked, could hear goats calling out in the distance.

We keep going down the track but there wasn’t tracks any where the hours were passing by very quickly, we seemed to be going round in circles.

It was starting to get dark as rain clouds were forming and it looked like rain was about to fall anytime, which worried me as I knew we had to cross a stream to get back to our base where all us gear was safely stored.

And then it happened the skies open up and the rain started falling down, it was very heavy, that hurt the face and made it hard to see.

We found shelter in a hollow under a tree, but it wasn’t long before the water started surrounding us, so we move on, just as well we had brought our rainwear with us.

The rain stopped, but I knew we where in for trouble, lost, slippery track, and if we did find our way to base camp we were not going to be able to cross that stream.

Life in the bush isn’t easy but we were repaired for problems, so we decided to find shelter and eat the chocolate bars we had brought with us and settle down for the night, we had another day to find our way out before our mate turn up to take us back home.

In the circumstances we sleep quite well, our bodies were very tired, through the ordeal we had already been through.

Next morning we woke to goats walking past us, they never even saw us, but I had an idea to follow them, most time goats would be looking for green pasture to feed on for the day.

It wasn’t hard to follow they left a trail of currants behind them as they progress down the track.

Sure enough they lead us to a clearing in the bush, would you believe it a river was right there in front of us.

We decided to follow the river down the steep gully, amazing the river was quiet shallow after the rain the day before, but we still had to find camp were we would meet up with our transport that evening.

We were unsure which way to walk along the river to find base, but we both knew to stay together while searching.

So we decided to try upstream as I felt we were on the lower plains of the land where we started our walk.

After walking up the river bank for a couple of hours we could hear motor cycles in the distinct, it lifted our spirits as we were beginning to feel exhausted from lack of food.

Sure enough there was a track on the other side of the stream where dirt bikes were practicing riding, so relieved, we knew we would get out now it was just a matter of getting those noisy bikes to see us waving as for sure they where not going to hear us yelling.

We were the ones in for a surprise though, as some of the bike riders had seen us walking along the river further down the ridge, they had crossed over the stream and come up behind us, what a fright as they rounded the corner behind us, we hadn’t heard them for the noise the riders further up the valley were making, but we were very relieved.

It turned out, after the bikers had got us back to the other side of the stream, our camp that we had left yesterday morning was another five miles up the river, it goes to show, you should always mark your track when walking it heavy bush, it is so easy to miss a track on the way down, we were lucky.

I think it will be some time before we take on a camping trip like this again.

Comment from WordPress for Day 4.

Images — including photographs and works of art — can also act as starting points for stories, essays, poems, and personal musings. For this exercise, use one of the images above as the creative spark for today’s post.

My comment about the images.

I didn’t use one of the four images that were picked for a story as they were so large, I couldn’t make them any smaller on my Mac, so I picked one from Pixabay.com which download the right size, so it’s still about trees, as the first image that WordPress had to download, was a lady looking through a line of trees.



    • If only! That would make a good story, sad I haven’t been there, but one day I may check it out, after all I wrote about in A to Z Challenge “Towns in New Zealand”.


  1. There is nothing like nature smacking you upside the head. I have been lost twice when backpacking. Once my two year old book failed to note beavers could turn a meadow into a small pond and one just shear stupidity.

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