Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A Cup of Coffee


Day 11 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A cup of Coffee

Begin each paragraph with If we were having coffee right now … and then adds a detail. You can share any details you’d like and include as many as you want, as long as you begin each with If we were having coffee right now …

It’s a simple idea, but offers a bit more structure to your post — and is a lot more fun. So today, write an update post in the form of a virtual coffee date.

If we were having coffee right now I would ask you for advice about a contact page on my blog, I have been viewing other writers blogs to see what they have, I haven’t found many so do bloggers use Contact Pages anymore?

I came across one that had the “About Me/Contact” page on the same page, I think that is a good idea.

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you that my visit to the mall last week was a big failure as I didn’t find any orchids in flower, so that’s not a very good idea, have you another suggestion?

As I cannot think of another plant that would suit the occasion. Photo Credit.


If we were having coffee right now maybe we could have a discussion about what we should do about getting our mum into a home, so she has more stable meals, as her health is deteriorating because she not eating food that she can swallow without choking.

If we were having coffee right now  I was wondering what she will say when I tell her I’m going to free myself from the stress of the past years and start writing seriously, most likely write the novel I have been planning for some time maybe shut my mind down to everything except writing.

If we were having coffee right now, my heartburn would be on the 100%, so to set this assignment post right, I don’t drink coffee, it would have to be a cup of tea or milo or even better still a Milk Shake, perfect for my stomach.


PS. I found this assignment very hard, not being a coffee drinker, in my mind I tried thinking of a cup of tea, but it didn’t work.

Afraid Day 11, is a real let down in this course, hope other participates in this, enjoy it more than me.

Just writing down my thought’s.



  1. I love the “If We Were Having Coffee” post. It allows you to move out of your niche and just talk about whatever you would like! On Saturdays I look forward to reading them and writing one of my own. I think you did a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t easy to write a post like that. Yes, you are right I was out of my comfort zone writing a post like that.It was a good exercise that I need to do more often.
      Thanks for the nice comment, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

      Liked by 1 person

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