Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Play with Word Count


Photo Credit   Day 13 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Play with Word Count

Sometimes you can find inspiration by changing things up! Today, write a post that experiments with word count.

I decided to go with No 4 of the 5 choices – Pick a previously published longer post you’d like to pare down. Keep it at 750 words or less, ended up 612 words. This was published on 2012, Squidoo is no longer around.

Creepy Halloween Garden Party

Halloween  evening was approaching fast, everybody in the  Woods household were busy setting up lanterns and lights around the garden, the trees are glowing, everything was going as planned, there would be an invasion of bodies very soon all dressed in costumes, that would set the scene alight, the bats and creepy crawlies are waiting to caress and charm the first body that come within reach, or leans against their trunk.

Dusk was falling fast, in the darkness you could see the creepy cloth all moving in the gentle breeze, the bats are grinning showing their teeth wondering which body to aim for first.

The spooky skeleton bones are shaking and ready to make the first move, as shadows appear around the corner.

The bathroom has it ‘s Skeleton Restroom Door Cover on the front, and the toilet seat had it’s special cover on.

All the skull lanterns, scary party decoration, battery candles, Halloween creepy black cloth, and hanging bats were set up.

The music was playing hauntingly softly in the gentle breeze around the garden with the frightfully essential Halloween sounds, such as howling wolves, moaning ghosts, snarling monsters, screaming victims, spiders webs, and other creepy things floating around in the air.

Who’s to know what’s hanging around the next corner waiting.

The marquee is set with all it’s haunt props gently swinging, and making groaning noises as the masked guest walk pass with their glasses of Bloody Mary’s, eating the ghoulish goodies.

Amongst the graveyard and tombstones that had been set up, the flickering candles that run on long=lasting batteries were glowing.

The creepy black cloth, with hanging bats and collection of spooky skeleton bones, spread across the haunted house graveyard.

Ghost, hanging in dark corners waiting to slither on the next shadow that enters the marquee, and that smell creeping through the garden.

What is that smell of death, is it coming from those skeleton bones?


Photo Credit. Who’s ready for a piece of Death Chocolate Cake.

Then just as everything was running along nicely, there was a blood-curdling scream, all was quiet, no one moved for a couple of seconds.

Jim Woods dashed off in the direction of the scream, to his surprise there was one of the guests laying on the ground, with teeth chattering, words were coming from his mouth slowly, that.. tree.. was.. talking.. to.. me.

All who had followed Jim burst out laughing, the owner of the blood-curdling scream, had not read the poster at the gate warning guests about the features of the garden party or he would have known about the talking tree and would not have suffered from the fright.

All were having fun, lots of laughter, Jim helped the guy up from the ground, very soon he recovered from his shock and suffered no after effects from it.

By midnight everyone had had so much fun, as they were going through the gate, on their way home, the air was filled with laughter and they were talking about some of the features of the garden party that had given them a fright, and were already planning next years Halloween party and what they would do, even asking Jim if he would put on another party like this next year.



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