Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Recreate a Single Day


Day 14 – Writing Everyday Inspiration  – Recreate a Single Day

Now that you’ve tried a timed free-write and word count exercise, let’s incorporate a new restriction today: write a post that takes place during a single day.

How will you use 24 hours as your story’s canvas?

Photo Credit.

This was my choice Structure your post as a play-by-play (or hour-by-hour) account, complete with time markers.

Special Day in my life.

Today has been a special day for me, it started when I woke at 6.30 am.

My son was coming after he left the BellBlock Airport were my daughter-in-law caught a plane, traveling to Christchurch in the South Island in New Zealand.

He arrived about 7.15 am, we had had breakfast, and he had had his breakfast at the airport while waiting for the plane to leave, he had a cup of tea with us.

We left our home in town, about 8.30 to travel to our farm home about 30 minutes drive, where a carrier was coming to pick up his tractor, mower, and a few other bits and pieces, that he had been storing in our shed.

He is starting a new job, Contract Milking, in June, and has a few days before he shifts.

When we arrived at the farm it was very cold, temperature, was only 8 degrees in the house and outside, but it felt much colder, very cold wind chill, I put a heater on to warm up the kitchen, got my warm clothes on and when to move the yearlings.

It was a nice walk it warmed up my chilled bones.

After the tractor had left the farm about 10.00am we moved stock into a warmer paddock with trees in it for extra shelter.

Winter has hit New Zealand, first snow on Mount Egmont/Taranaki yesterday, and you can feel it in the air.

We came back to the warm kitchen, had a cup of coffee, milo for me, and had a long talk.

It is the first time in two years since we sold our dairy farm, (my son and daughter-in-law had been farming for it for seventeen years), that I felt that life is getting back to normal after all the family fiction because of selling the dairy farm where my family was brought up.

We had the farm for forty-six years.

About 12-30 pm we returned back to our home in town, that was nice, it was warm, it felt like home.

1.30pm My husband and had a Ham and Cheese Sandwich with a cup of tea.

It is now 4,00pm, I have spent the last couple of hours, writing this post and reading my 120 odd emails I receive from WordPress.

Now it is time to start getting tea ready of my husband, I’m making a pie from the mince left over from tea last night, with a very happy outlook on our future years with our family.

Quick Question – How many emails do you get from WordPress  to read from your followers every day?



  1. I turned off the emails from WordPress so that I don’t get any. I prefer to dip in and out of my Reader to follow specific blogs or hashtags at a time and pace that suits me. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed by an avalanche of emails.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s interesting, I can see your point but I don’t think I could do that, I do get far too many emails and it gets quite challenging. I have stopped some that send half a dozen or more emails a day.
    I will turn the emails off if I go away for a few days as 500 emails in 4 days is a bit much.
    Thanks for the comment I appreciate you answering my question, you are the only one so far.
    Have a great day.


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