Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Mine Your Own Material


Day 16 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Mine your own Material

What does “mine your own material” mean? To mine (verb) is “to find and take away from a mine; to search for something valuable (in something).” For this prompt, focus on finding ideas and stories in places you already have access to. We spend a lot of our time online, so what we see in places like Facebook and Twitter can lead to a deeper exploration on our own blogs. Today, dig through your online treasures as inspiration for a new post.

I have been writing on this blog since January 2016 when I did the “Blogging 101” challenge.

Since then I had been following many bloggers, have 238 followers and 148 posts.

Now four months later, I was so happy to receive an email from a lady, Anisa Kazemi, writing under an unusual name for a website, “I Accidentally Ate the Whole Thing”.

This is what the email said.

A Celebration Post

Savvy Tokyo has given me the amazing opportunity to be a part of their team! Can you believe it?

Finally a chance to do what I love most outside of my blog.

Please please with a cherry on top (literally) take a look at  THIS link and share it with all of your friends so that my bosses will be super happy to have me.

That is actually what I’m doing Sharing her Happiness with you, by finding a story in my emails, I hope you visit the site and leave a comment, she is a great writer.

Mine Your Own Material – That is actually what I did in this assignment, I focus on finding an idea and a story in my emails which I have access to every day, I hope that this post helps this deserving blogger.


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