Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A Map as Your Muse


Day 17 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A Map as your Muse – Photo Credit

Today, let a map be your muse. Select an area anywhere in the world on Google Maps. – Tell us about your connection to a place.

This was a very interesting assignment working with Google maps.

I selected Waitara in New Zealand, the town that my husband and I choice to retire in.

84 Grey Street Waitara

This is a nice photo of our home, I like the color blue, it is from Google maps

Waitara is only 9.3 miles northeast of New Plymouth. Its population was 6312 in the 2013 census it had increased to 6790 in 2015, not a big in case but it is a growing town.

The commonly accepted meaning of the name Waitara is “mountain stream”.

Employment in Waitara

ANZCO Foods Group subsequently built a plant to manufacture small goods such as salami, sausages and hamburger patties on the site of the freezing works.

However, AFFCO went to court to enforce a 20-year encumbrance which restricts meat processing and associated activities on the site.

It succeeded in both the High Court and the Court of Appeal in preventing the new plant from opening, although an ANZCO subsidiary was allowed to continue using the freezer, and cool store facilities there.

The two companies are said to have reached an agreement.

ANZCO  operates from the site and has become one of the major employers in the township.

Two large petrochemical plants are now the most important industrial activity in Waitara.

The Waitara Valley plant is dedicated to production, of methanol from natural gas (about 1500 tonnes per day).

The Motunui plant, originally designed to produce synthetic petrol from methanol was modified to produce chemical grade methanol for export.

The town seems to be thriving to me, it will be interesting as the next few years go by for future employment, but it’s not far from New Plymouth,


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