The Blogging Meetup Weekly Wednesday Prompt 5/25/2016


The Blogging Meetup Weekly Wednesday Prompt 5/25/2016

Imagine you were someones shadow for a day, what would you see?

This post is a little different to the prompt  question, for The Blogging Meetup Weekly Prompt.

I have gone back sixty-five years of my life and I’m living in the shadows of my life as a child.

Those were the days when I was happy, not a care in the world, living as an innocent child, playing amongst the trees, climbing up the branches, sitting in the grass making daisy chains with my sisters, (I had three), to see who could make the longest chain.

Catching grubs that were down holes in the soil with a piece of grass stuck down their hole, the grub would start eating the stalk on the grass, and we would pull out the grub, my sisters and I would see who could pull out the most grubs.

We never had toys like the children of today we made our own games, the days would go by quickly running around the farm, watching rabbits go into their burrows as we came across them in the long grass.

You could most likely say that we were poor, but my parents in those early years usually gave us something nice to eat for a special occasion, like birthdays and Christmas we would have home-made ice-cream, but no toys we got clothes like a new dress or shoes something that was essential to our everyday needs.

The picture above caught my eye when looking for a photo, I would have loved a pretty dress like that, but I never got one like that, I was thankful for any dress which my mother made, she would sit down with her treadle singer machine and make our dresses, she was always making aprons which we would wear over our dresses to keep them clean.

It wasn’t until I was eleven years old that my life went in a new direction and my childhood changed, I had to grow up and almost become an adult overnight.

I will continue writing more in another post, I’m feeling a little tired this morning, didn’t have a very good night’s sleep.

Blessings to all my readers.




    • Thanks, pleased you took the time to comment.
      Going back sixty years it is a different way of living to what it is today.
      Families, especially in the rural area had to pull together it wasn’t easy to make ends work.
      My mother was very sick, I will write about it in another post.
      Have a great day.

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  1. What an amazing childhood memories! This is like a time machine, I can go back to the time when my younger sisters would go with me in the woods to play games that I invented. Nice post!

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    • Thanks, appreciate your comment. I never thought of it as a time machine, sixty-five years ago is a long time, but as the days go by more and more memories are coming to my mind. Amazing really as so much is happening these days to remember that I can remember things from that long ago.
      Blessings to you my friend.

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  2. My great-grandmother had a Singer sewing machine as well! We kept it for a very long time in our attic, but I’m not sure what ended up happening to it. I am intrigued by the end of your post and hope to hear more of your story soon.


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