Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Compose a Series of Anecdotes


Day 18 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Compose a Series of Anecdotes

Anecdotes is a very short story dealing with single incident – repeated phrase

Today I will write a post in which each section begins with the phrase – Have you ever – it is all to do with situations and thought’s of your child

Have you ever played in a puddle with your toddler and ended up getting dirtier than your child?

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most, a child saying something that hurts your feelings or you saying something that hurts a child’s feelings?

Have you ever compared your child with other children the same age and felt that your child was a bit backward because they could not do some things that other children were doing”

Have you ever had to protect your child from another child because they were being physically attacked by them?

Have you ever closed your eyes and seen a vision of your child stepping in front of a car, only to open your eyes and find they are playing on the floor in front of you?

Have you ever felt that you had neglected your child because you returned back to work  and left them in childcare?

Have you ever wondered what you will do when your child leaves home? My advice from experience is, just trust them and let go and see what happens.

With all this repetition of ” HAVE YOU EVER” are questions asking a mother how see feels, if you have finished reading to the end, and find some of it hurting you deeply it goes to show that you are a perfect mother, as mothers worry all the time about their children, if they are doing the right thing for their children, enjoy, as it never changes even when your children are grown up, you will still worry about them, enjoy the happy time, like playing in a puddle with a toddler, even if it’s your grandchild.



    • I bet you know many more “Have you ever” about children, as a music teacher you would most likely get to know them very well as every child would be different to teach, you would be able to cover a wide range of questions especially how far you can push them before they give up, like a lot of children learning music.
      Blessing to you and your mother.

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  1. The answer is “yes” to almost all of these. Being a mom means your heart is never your own again. Waking or sleeping my children are always on my heart.

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