Intro to Poetry – Day Four – Journey

east stratford NZ

Intro to Poetry – Day Four – Journey

East Stratford Taranaki NZ.

Journey I will never travel again

Visiting a relation twenty years ago.

A road so narrow and slippery

No car coming the other way could past.

Nerves shattered

Holding on to faith

Eyes closed

Begging to let me walk

No way would I be returning

On that mountain track

With no sight of land below

The banks that looked like hell

Who would live

In this beautiful valley

Where nature is still intact

With only a mountain track.

This is a true story, I just have to add that we did get to our destination, to find out that there was a perfect road coming in from the opposite direction, so needless to say I was so happy, no way was I going to travel that track ago, they would have had to get a helicopter in to take me out.


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  1. Hahaaaa… Chuckling to myself – Isn’t it strange how we laugh at someone else’s misfortune.. As I was reading, I was thinking of the road leading down to the Jenolan Caves in NSW. That gave me a very similar sensation. The day was overcast and gloomy. The road slippery, narrow and wet… Arrgghhh.. 🙂

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