Intro to Poetry – Day Six – Screen


Intro to Poetry – Day Six – Screen

Day Six: Enjambment – Just Break it up.


With a snorkeling screen over my eyes,

how was I supposed to see out to the right.

without turning my head which seemed paralyzed with fight.

What was that vision that flashed past my eyes,

I could not see what it was, as something passed by my thighs

But I had had enough of this

Up to the boat, I went as fast as my legs could go

I wasn’t sure that snorkeling was for me

It was a relief when that snorkeling screen was removed

After all, it was just a mask, but what laid below in that water was another screen that I wasn’t going to approve

Just leave it to the under water seafood.

This was my first attempt at doing Enjambment, I didn’t get it right but at least I have tried, we have another go at doing this at a later date.

Happy Days Writing.


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