Intro to Poetry – Day Nine – Landscape

Landscape trees

Intro to Poetry – Day Nine – Landscape

Day Nine – My try at a poetic device called apostrophe, not sure I made it, though.

Landscape with trees.

Landscape can be beautiful one day

The next day that same land can be stressful

Expressly after a storm

The land I adored

Was ripped from my shores

The hills tumbled down to land and block the stream

Water had nowhere to go but tear our land away and expel it out to sea.

Fences no longer stood the cattle could roam where ever they wanted to go.

The law says protect the rivers

By planting strips to stop the cattle from leaching the stream

Water is scarce.

That sure is a mess

A story that’s hard to believe.

Especially where we live.

It’s always raining

Three thousand millimeters a year

Who protects the farmer that has spend his cash to save the water for future guests

No one

The farmers pockets get low with cash.

Keeping the law that no one but the poor farmers know it is just a waste of time

As mother nature has the last say

About the landscape that can be beautiful today but tomorrow just a mess.



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