Patricia’s Place – Striving for Excellence


Patricia’s Place  – Striving for Excellence

“Striving for excellence motivates you,
striving for perfection demoralizes you.”
Harriet Braiker

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Striving for Excellence or Perfection

As the water tumbles over the rocks

They are cleansed from the rubble that rests around them

They are striving for excellence also

What motivates them from all the rubbish that flows around them.

Their colors of cream, to gray and brown

All struggling to stay abreast the flow of the water

Striving for perfection, it never demoralizes them as they just keep going with the flow

So why should humans strive for perfection, after all, most do try their best,

Just strive for the best you can do and never let it demoralize you

As that’s not what we were brought into this life for.

Strive for what motivates you, you know you are doing your best.

Just like those rocks that the water rumbles over or IN Other Words

They are doing their best, nothing demoralizes them

So why should you struggle about Excellence or Perfection.

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  1. That is true to its word. I am guilty too of striving to perfection and ending up getting demoralised or resorting to procrastination due to fear of failure/embarrassment. Perfection is relative. What’s perfect to you might not be perfect to me, and vice versa. Perfection is always aimed at others – it’s never done for yourself. Where as, excellence is something that you do for yourself. That’s what we all should aim to achieve. Thank you for this post.


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