Positivity Bloggers Blog Haiku – Shine


Positivity Bloggers Blog Haiku – Shine

Can You Haiku?

Hello, fellow bloggers. 
So your challenge should you wish to accept it…….

I shall give you a word- today’s word is SHINE., posted on 22 July 2016

Write your own Haiku and include this word. Simple!

The purpose of this challenge is to….

  1. To inspire
  2. To have fun
  3. To share with each other 
  4. To get all types of people enjoying poetry 
  • Make sure you put a URL of your haiku in the comments on Positivity Bloggers Blog, so we can all go and check yours out. Or you can do a ping back. 

So what is a haiku? 

My Guidelines.

I use a picture for my poetry as “Haiku Poetry” is created by a vision it must paint a mental image in the writer/reader’s mind, which is 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third.

Here’s my Haiku with today’s word – SHINE

Pretty leaves are here

Warmth will shine through my body

I have happy feet.



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