Tanka Poetry – Selling our Farm

Hagley 268 Piko Road

Tanka Poetry – Selling our Farm

Our life has been good

Five children, plus grandchildren

Fifty-six years gone

Our beef farm is up for sale

Sad but its retirement time.


The photo above has just been taken, it is winter in NZ, the popular trees have no leaves making it look drab and cold, spring is just around the corner.

Check the link at the top, you will see more photos of our farm and home.


    • Thanks for the kind wishes, it is in a very nice valley, the hills all around keep the cold winter out, but it can get very hot in the summertime.
      That’s when I get out in the garden and weed in the shade of the bushes and listen to the birds singing in the tree tops.
      Have a nice weekend.


  1. Beautiful country, Elsie… I love the Poplar in autumn; the colours are incredible.
    So sad to hear about your husband’s possible health issue, and your ill health, too.
    I’ll be thinking of you both… ❤

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