Sheet Lightning


Bernadette from Haddon Musing invites us to use the prompt and the photo and write a piece of purple prose or poetry starting with It was a dark and stormy night.  Let’s have some spooky fun.  Post your link in the comments section

Sheet Lightning

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling around the house, whistling in the closed windows. every now and then there would be a loud bang as broken branches were ripped off the trees, whirled around in the air and hitting the house.

Sheet lighting was rolling down the ranges which looked like someone with a large searchlight, as I was watching the lighting it sounded like someone was screaming for help, it was very real, I was terrified, it most likely was a goat, those hillsides have many goats that sleep in the bush at night, I suppose animals can get frighten also on a stormy night.

This is a true story, was so glad when that dark stormy night ended well after going to bed frighten for my own survival, what a mess we had to clean up the next day, I will never forget that storm or that scream, will never know if it was human or animal, but goats do sound a lot like humans especially when its mating season.



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