NanoPoblano 2016 – Day Ten – Aging


NanoPoblano  2016 – Day Ten – Aging

#NaBloPoMo – Day Ten of – Cheer Peppers NanoPoblano 30 Day Challenge,

 Senior Salon#47

The mask of aging indicates that the physical changes that occur during life are only on the surface, it what’s lies below the surface that count.

I’m living in an aging body, seen the years passing by, so I consider I’m a bit of an expert about living in an aging body.

I was born, lived through the teenage years, married, birthed five children, help them grow to maturity and have children of their own (my grandchildren.)

Also enjoyed seeing my great grandchildren growing from toddlers to school-age children, now very fast approaching the teenage years.

I know the simple pleasures of the love of my family and would never have missed a moment of those years.

Now having lived on this earth for seventy-six years, let’s say in my golden years now, life is passing by, even though I try to keep myself healthy and active I’m now noticing how I’m slowing down.

My biggest shock was having cancer, which aged me considerably.

I wouldn’t deny that I’m living in an aging body, as much as I feel young and still can do a hard days work.

The years are showing and my body is telling me to slow down, sleepless nights with aching bones, waking up in the morning feeling aches and pains I have never known to bother me before, yes living in an aging body isn’t a nice thought.

You could call this a journey through life, but I’m not at the end of it yet.


This is a photo of me with my youngest great granddaughter taken a couple of weeks ago.

Now the most important bit –  Smiles and laughter.

It is the best medicine for your health, it helps the blood vessels and body stay young, it has been proven to be beneficial for anti-aging by boosting your immune system and more important relieving stress.

When you are a parent you have your off-spring around you often, they make you smile, their laughter is contagious, their antics all make you laugh, your life is radiant with affection for your family, love fills your heart, making it beat stronger.

Having children around you is one of the most successful ways to stay healthy, if you have no children, a cat or dog can give you the same pleasure, the only difference is, they are home, you will always have them around you, not like your family, which in most cases are only visiting and will go home at the end of the day, then you will sit down, relax and savor those pleasant memories for days to come.

That is what I call using my brain even if it’s only thinking but it’s still keeping it active.


Laughter makes the world go round, I am a great believer in it as I grow older, it will help to keep me happy  and healthy.

In summing up – Aging is a big step going through life, to stay on the right track for good health and that wellness feeling you must keep on moving forward and living for a new day tomorrow.

Yesterday may have been a good day, but maybe it wasn’t, it is gone and you must forget about it.

Let’s live and laugh.


  1. I turned 67 today and looked in the mirror. This has been a tough year on my body with the C-diff. My hair has turned a bit gray and I have noticed a balding spot above my forehead. My skin is starting to look like and old woman’s skin. The skin was puffy under my eyes. But, you know what? There is a big smile on my face!

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    • Thanks for commenting, I followed and read all your posts, hope you are over the problem now as there’s nothing worse than needing a bathroom all the time, that’s what happens to me when I go away from home, always when I’m in the supermarket even if I went before I left home, doctors haven’t found out why, but I’ve learnt to live with it just don’t go anywhere unless I know where a loo is.
      Nice one about the smile, I can see by your face that you carry a smile often. Enjoy life while we can. Blessings.

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  2. I try to practice and remember I will never again be as beautiful as I am today. Also, I know that laughter truly is the best medicine. You have written a very wise post and the little one is gorgeous. Your picture gave me a 😌


  3. I am also a Nana and certainly growing a bit older daily…though I only recognize it in fits and starts at this point…which right now as I pack up our whole house to move is way more frequent than I like. But I agree, laughing, smiling, looking at situations from a positive place…even trying to find humor in the most difficult is what keeps us from aging inside. John Adams, our second president, who lived into his 90s, was asked how he was doing. His answer was one that has stuck with me, “John Adams is doing very well. The house within which his spirit lives is falling down around him, but John Adams, I assure you, is doing very well.” That my plan and I’m sticking to it! Thanks for your post! Jo


    • Thanks for the nice comment. I agree with you, let’s stick to it together, better than nothing at all.
      All the best with your shifting, it can be a challenge, we have just settled in our home in town after being farmers all our life, it has been a challenge but we are settling down now. (retirement). Have a nice weekend.

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  4. Can I simply say what a comfort to uncover somebody who truly understands what they are talking about on the web. You definitely know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people need to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because you most certainly possess the gift.


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