NanoPoblano 2016 – Day Eleven – Health & Aging


NanoPoblano  2016 – Day Eleven – Health & Aging

#NaBloPoMo – Day Eleven of – Cheer Peppers NanoPoblano 30 Day Challenge

Living Life Simply – Health and Aging

The average older person likes to live life simply.

It’s not that hard to achieve either, just a matter of toning down your commitments.

For a happy retirement focus on slowing down, and giving your body a rest, you have been working hard for many years, now put what you require to make your life complete first, before doing what everyone thinks you should be doing.

Maybe you like gardening because there is a great satisfaction to see your garden thriving and eating all the freshly grown produce.

Good eating habits, give you a better chance, to live a longer life, and may reduce your risk of some kinds of cancer, which is one of the main health problems with the elderly.

By reducing dietary fat intake, especially animal fat, and having your diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains, eat fish and poultry avoid red meats, but that don’t mean don’t eat meats, just eat smaller amounts, no fat on it.

Research suggests that you can live longer by eating the right foods, exercising, and not stressing out, sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Let’s talk about Cancer – Cancer is my most frightening aspect of growing old and I have already faced that challenge.

  • Cancer is a terrible waste of a human’s life, too many have not even had a chance to reach middle age before this terrible disease destroys a loved family member.
  • Some evidence consistently suggests that eating plenty of fiber can reduce the risk of Bowel Cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or colon cancer.
  • Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men, it affects both men and women, and is most often found in people aged 50 years or older.
  • The best available approaches for a low risk of developing bowel cancer is a diet high in green vegetables, particularly cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts or cauliflower, so let’s grow a garden and have that healthy living, that we used to have in the past.
  • Men can reduce their risk for Prostate Cancer by having regular colorectal cancer screening tests starting at the age of 50, as it is by far the most common cancer in men.
  • Most common cancers among women are breast cancer have regular mammograms, in some countries, it is free, like in NZ, 45 – 65 years, every two years.
  • Lot’s of people believe that if your parents had cancer they will get it, but that is not always true, with bowel cancer only 10% due to genetic (inherited) factors.

This article is just a little reminder, to always be aware if there’s something about your health, you are not happy about, get it checked out.

So many of my friends have passed away now and 90% of them was because of cancer.

Love to read your comments about health and aging, especially cancer, has it affected your life if so, how.

Blessings to all my readers, hope you have a happy weekend.



  1. This is great advice and a great reminder that we can affect our health, to some degree, by making wise food and activity choices.

    6 March 1976 – Yes, my life has been affected by cancer. The first person that I remember dying of cancer when I was a little girl was my friend Tina. She had an aggressive form of leukemia. She was ten years old. I still remember the phone ringing and mama sitting me down to tell me that one of my best friends was dead. The memory still makes me cry. Tina was the second friend of mine to be buried in less than a year. The first was Patti, who died because of children playing with a gun. Patti was 11 years old. She died 10 April 1975.

    13 February 1992 – My maternal grandpa died consumed with cancer. I was in the room with him when he gave up the ghost as was our oldest daughter, who was just over a year old at the time. I will never forget the look on her little face when he breathed his last, and her words, “Bye-bye, Papa”. She knew. She saw. Young as she was, she knew he was gone and I fully believe she saw his spirit leave. It was at the time of his death that my grandma, stricken with Alzheimer’s, called me “Mama”.

    5 June 2000, the 9 year old daughter of a friend of mine was diagnosed with an aggressive, malignant brain tumor. I suspected she had cancer because of some things that were happening, but I was terrified to share my thoughts, and what Heavenly Father was telling me, with her mother. When I finally spoke up, they took her to the doctor right away and tests confirmed it. She died just before her 11th birthday. 11 September 2001, the day of the World Trade Center attacks here in America, was her first birthday in Heaven. I cannot begin to express the guilt and torment I feel over this one. Had I not been scared to tell her mama was I was given to tell her, this child might have survived. Though her mama has, I can never forgive myself for that one.

    Last, but not least, was my daddy. In December 2012, my daddy and my husband were both on death’s door, in hospitals over a thousand miles apart. My place was with my husband, but I wanted desperately to be with my daddy, too. I couldn’t be two places at once nor did we have the money for me to go back home to tell my daddy good-bye. He had COPD (which I now have, too) and lung cancer. He had been diagnosed with the lung cancer maybe a month before. I will never know how long he would have suffered from the cancer because he was taken by a heart attack on 9 December 2012.

    There have been many, many more across my 51 years and they have all left their mark on my heart and life.

    I’m sorry this comment was so long…but I couldn’t leave any of these people out. Have a blessed weekend.

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    • Thank you so much for telling your story. You have and still, are going through a lot of suffering especially with cancer and your friends were too young to die.
      I feel for you and know now why you quote many verses from the bible on “Thankfulness”.
      Your comments are never too long, that’s what I wanted when I wrote this post for other writers to share their stories about cancer, it helps me too, to cope with my cancer.
      Keeping writing, blessings to you and your family, have a nice weekend.

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      • That you for your very touching response to my comment. I am glad that my response was what you wanted. I always worry about my post-length responses, but I can’t seem to help it. Thank you for your compassionate spirit. Please know that I am praying for your total healing and restoration. Many blessings to you and your family, too. Have a beautiful weekend.

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