Photo Fiction/66 – Mother’s Love for her Son


Photo Fiction#66 – Mother’s Love for her Son 

Can you tell a story in 300 words? Here’s the challenge.

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words based on the picture and link it to the above title.

Mother’s Love for her Son 

Sam had been enjoying his day exploring the river, that he hadn’t noticed the night setting in, all of a sudden he saw the night sky in the distance and panic started setting in as he knew his mother would be worrying if he wasn’t home before dark.

Now with trying to hurry he had created a problem, as he was turning around, he had become stuck in the mud and weeds, he hadn’t seen the water level getting lower as the tide when out to sea.

He knew that no way was he going to get the boat unstuck tonight, so he swam to the river bank and climbed out moving as quickly as he could with his wet clothes towards home, trying to stay calm.

As he rounded the corner on the track he came face to face with his mother, he got such a shock that he nearly fainted.

She was angry at first, but after Sam had told her what had happened, she was so happy that Sam had made a good decision in a difficult situation, she said that they would get up at first light in the morning and she would help him get the problem sorted out.

That’s true love, after all, nobody had been hurt, if Sam had stay with the boat who knows what could have happened.



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