Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge – 126 – Pet & Play


Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge – 126 – Pet & Play

Last Sunday I spend some family time at the Brooklands Zoo in New Plymouth NZ.

It was my youngest great-grandson 1st birthday, we had a wonderful time, the animals were the highlight of the visit for many but to me, it made a perfect day, as I had not been to the zoo for many years.

This photo was taken with my cell phone of the monkeys, so “Ronovan Haiku Poetry Challenge”, with the prompt “Pet & Play” is a wonderful opportunity toΒ  share a photo of a day I will never forget.

Brooklands Zoo Haiku

wild animals play

but never pet a monkey

just look and adore




    • That’s a nice idea, visit the zoo in Sydney and share some photos with us, it wasn’t easy to get photos as the animals are all fenced in and the photos have wire netting across all of them, just as well I had my cell phone with me, I forgot the camera which would have taken nicer photos.
      Hope you had a nice weekend.

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    • Thanks for commenting.
      You are right, if it wasn’t my grand grandson’s birthday party I most likely would not have gone to a zoo, but it certainly gave me the push to do more things, in our golden years, that we used to do when our children were young.
      Have a nice week.

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