Photo Fiction-67 – Wired River Creature


Photo Fiction-67 – Wired River Creature

Wired River Creature

The village people all knew about the strange river creature, but no one had seen him for some time, so they thought he must have moved on, everyone had become very relax about this story floating around.

That river creature had woken up from his long winter sleep and was very keen to find something to eat.

Why no one had noticed this strange creature was still in the river was because his back was covered with weed from the seeds that had landed on him while in was in his deep sleep, they had been growing, and were clinging to his dirty body, making him invisible.

The river creature noticed a strange thing hanging on to a thread in the water, which was Sammy’s bait, he grabbed it and into his mouth thinking that this bug sure had a long tail.

Sammy got such a fright he let go of his fishing line because if he hadn’t he would have gone into the river and everybody knew not to swim here as many had never been seen after entering this river.

Knowing there was nothing he could do without a fishing line he returned home to tell his tale about the big fish taking his line.

But that creature in the water once he had started swallowing that line knew he had a problem as he kept swallowing this strange thing down, he never found the end of until he came to the end of the rod, as it was across his mouth the thin line was right down into his stomach he could not bite it off.

That creature  was never seen again presumingly it never survived the fishing line.

290 words.

Can you tell a story in 300 words? Here’s the challenge.

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words based on this picture. You pick your poison, poetry or story. Please don’t forget to, mention this post in yours, and link back here



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