dVerse – Haibun Monday – 28


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In response to dVerse‘s poets Haibun Monday-28 Prompt “Childhood Experiences”.

This is the first Haibun I have written if you are interested check out the link above

Discussing Mushrooms

It was mid-Autumn a time when mushrooms were plentiful on the farm especially if there had been the warm rain, we all would go out on the farm and gather mushrooms in our bucket.This particular year there was a shortage of them so some that were over ripe were picked to feed our family of seven. Some of those mushrooms were not suitable for eating never the less they were cooked.

With the results even now the thought of ever eating mushrooms at all, especially in a white sauce turns my stomach inside out, and I can still feel that belt that thrashed my body, leaving welts all over it.

Eating whitebait still reminds me of those white maggot looking grubs floating around in the mushroom sauce.

eating brown mushrooms
the kind that grow on a farm
autumn reminds me



    • Thanks for commenting, it looks as though there are quite a few who don’t like mushrooms.
      I think the ones you buy in the shops are alright, it’s those home grown ones that you pick up in the farmer’s paddocks that you never know what you are eating especially when they are growing around cow manure. Still, I’m not going to eat them they bring back too many bad memories.


    • Thanks for commenting Helene, yes as I said to another blogger below, I think mushrooms brought in a shop are alright, it’s the ones up pick on farmland that I don’t eat. Now I have left farm life I most likely will eat mushrooms in some form, but I will never eat the farm ones.
      Have a pleasant week, hope it’s not too cold where you live.


  1. One bad eating experience like that is enough to put a child off a certain food forever. I have fond memories of mushroom-picking, but luckily was always accompanied by a very knowledgeable, sensible adult. However, I did hear about a neighbour’s family getting poisoned by mushrooms…

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    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes picking mushrooms can be fun, but I don’t think I will ever eat them, I don’t even buy them in the supermarket and they look very nice. All the best for 2017.


  2. Thanks for commenting, about the Haibun poetry, my first one, now I have a better idea what that form of poetry is, I will write more. I like it better than the straight Haiku poetry. Yes, it wasn’t a very nice experience eating mushrooms like that.
    Hope you are having a nice week.


  3. Oh, I was reading along when I got to the part of the thrashing with the belt! Yikes…..most of us have developed an aversion to some food from childhood. Mine was ginger cookies. Ate 26 of them in one sitting. Can’t look at them now. Wonderful haibun….with a bit of mystery to it.


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