Carpe Diem #1160 Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson

Carpe Diem #1160 Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson

This month at Carpe Diem I’m exploring the “Motherland” of haiku, Japan.

Today I’m taking a look at Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson.


Photo Credit                                            Osaka  Castle

Looking for information about Kema-cho, Miyakojima Ward in Osaka city hasn’t been very successful, so I will now write what I have found out about Yosa Buson a (Haiku Master).

Yosa Buson original surname Taniguchi, Born 1716 – January 17, 1784  in the village of Kema in Settsu Province, (now Kema-cho, Miyakojima Ward in Osaka city).

He learned poetry under the tutelage of the haikai master Hayano Hajin.

Yosa Buson settled in the city of Kyoto at the age of 42.

It is around this time that he began to write under the name of Yosa, which he took from his mother’s birthplace (Yosa in the province of Tango).

Yosa Buson married at the age of 45 and had one daughter, Kuno. From this point on, he remained in Kyoto, writing and teaching poetry at the Sumiya.

He died at the age of 68 and was buried at Konpuku-ji in Kyoto.


Photo Credit                                             Yosa Buson Grave.

Yosa Buson’s grave is also located at the temple.

Little History of Konpuku-ji in Kyoto Japan

It is a Zen Buddhist temple in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.

During the Genroku era (1688-1704), the temple was restored by Tesshu from the nearby Enkō-ji, and acted as a branch of that temple. It was also converted to the Rinzai sect.

When Matsuo Bashō traveled to Kyoto to visit his friend Tesshu, he stayed in a thatched hut in the back of the garden, and after some time, the hut was named Basho-an.

However, it fell into ruin, and in 1776 Yosa Buson restored it.

The thatched roof hut stands on the east side of the garden, and inside is a tea room.

My tanka poem using the study of Yosa Buson.

yosa buson poet

haiku star seventeenth century

kind hearted loved life

feels good reading about him

painted in the stars above



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