Thought’s About Modern Children Playing with Dolls


Photo Credit – A typical reborn doll. Note the added cloth body on the limbs, and the “rear plate” to make it more realistic.

These days dolls look so real, just like they are human, as the reborn doll, a manufactured skin doll that has been transformed to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible

Dolls, never go out of date, they just become collectibles and are carried on through the generations, memories.

But they should be part of a child’s life, it leads to the wonderful and lovely job of caring for babies, toddlers, and children.


Photo Credit

My early memories of dolls as a child was a little kewpie doll I had, it was a treasure I could hold in one hand, and I would carry it around everywhere, over the years that little doll has got lost.

While searching for some gift ideas for girls I came across kewpie dolls, it rekindles my mind of that little doll, and they are still around, Check out Amazon.

There are some very nice dolls for girls and boys, these day’s men are bringing up children (house husbands) as well as a woman, but I don’t know that they played with dolls as a child, I could be wrong.

Here’s a blog about children playing with dolls, and Yes even boys, interesting read.

It has been said children prefer to play with touch screens more than traditional toys, like dolls, action toys, and board games, even the barbie doll has been forgotten.

The earliest American black dolls with realistic African facial features were made in the 1960s.

This photo is of Various antique to modern black dolls, which I found interesting, they weren’t around when I was a child, and I did think about it, as I had many dark skinned friends at school (Maoris).


Photo Credit – The earliest American black dolls with realistic African facial features were made in the 1960s.

Now with the reborn dolls, it is a chance to get your child playing with them.

Do your children lay with dolls?

What are you thought’s about boys playing with dolls?



    • Thanks for replying, that is what I wanted to hear what mothers or fathers think about boys playing with dolls as there is no denying there are a lot of fathers bringing up their children while mothers are working or no females in the home at all. It really has a lot to do with all these children suffering from depression in the teenage years, everyone has to care for someone or something and it start in early childhood.
      Always enjoy reading you blog. Have a nice week.

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  1. I bought my son a baby boy doll which he was four years old when his little sister was born. He played with it when I was changing his sister’s diaper. Jamie was in the middle of two girls so he didn’t mind playing with dolls. He is a Daddy and knows how to braid My Little Pony’s tail as well as playing tea party with his daughters. He is also sweet at changing diapers and singing to his baby boy. 🙂
    I like the kewpie doll that you held it in your hand. So sorry it was lost or misplaced over years of time.
    My girls are 31 and 37 so black dolls were around. They liked Barbie with all types of clothes, professions and nationalities. We still have an Alaskan native Barbie. We have a red haired Barbie, but more blondes among them.
    My Mom collected dolls. They did not bring even the high amount she spent for them. Sadly not a good investment. . . Take it easy ~ Robin

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  2. Thanks Robin for all the comments that you write on my posts, I enjoy reading them.
    Looks like it worked out perfect for your family with dolls, and I can see by your comment that your son is a perfect husband, it makes a big difference to a happy marriage.
    Sad about your mother’s collection of dolls, they are expensive to buy, nice to look at though.
    Thanks once again, have a nice day.


  3. These new lifelike dolls…can’t help thinking they may be some kind of comfort/closure for women grieving abortion?? Just my thoughts…I did have doll that my sons could play with but I noticed they sometimes played “rough” with it and didn’t seem to care if it had clothes on! The married sons are good fathers now 😄

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    • You are right about those newborn dolls they could comfort grieving women after an abortion for a while, as they look like a real baby.
      Great to have sons that are good fathers, there are a lot that do not care, sad.Have a nice day.

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