Memories Abandoned Hut


Memories Abandoned Hut

Photo that brings back memories

Now there was something spiritual stirring in my heart, it made me feel very restless.

I remember a scene just like the photo above in the1940’s as a child.

Maybe it was because of living in a tin shack with my mother and father and three sisters right under a mountain, the winter days were nothing but mist and clammy cold frosty weather, we never had much warmth.

It was during the war years and there wasn’t a lot of money or food around, we lived on coupons, friends and neighbors would swap and give my parents what they could spare to feed us.

Double Pneumonia

Photo Credit 

Old poster that suits the situation

Double Pneumonia

I was always sick and one particular time I was having a nightmare about big spiders climbing up the wall and attacking me, I had a very high temperature, ended up in hospital, with double pneumonia.

That was due partly because of living in that tin shack under the mountain.

Back to the Picture of the Abandoned Hut

Yes, it was the scenery I seen for many years, there was a wet soggy swamp down the bottom of the shack, that was always worrying me as I got stuck in it once and never ever when back to it, as it scared the living daylights out of me as swampy ground still does to this day.

The thought is that I should sink right out of sight and never be seen again, I can assure you that over the years of breaking in second growth bush back into dairy land, I did see a cow do exactly that, sink in quicksand type of mud.

I went back to that tin shack in the 1960’s to check it out, it was still standing, someone was storing bales of hay in it, it still gave me that uncanny feeling of despair.

Still looking into the distant while standing by the fence right there in my memory, I can see this photo of my first ten years of life, the only difference is that this picture is a stone shack, my home was corrugated tin, I still have that feeling of something lost I cannot quite place it in my memory.

Something terrible had happened there, I don’t know what, but it’s in the fog of my mind, I want very much to find it and set my body to rest.

Who did those footprints belong to that will not go away in my mind?

Footsteps In A Snowy Forest

Footsteps In A Snow

Photo Credit


While looking into the mist,
Appearing around the corner of the old shack
a monster loomed up scaring me half to death
The picture to this day I haven’t seen it again.

There were big eels slivering along the grass in the daylight
I came upon one once all nine inches in girth as long as the eye could see.
As my cousin thought it fun to scare me by letting it slip through his hands
Maybe that was the monster that frightens me in my sleep.

I don’t think so.
Or was it a rat?
They were as big as cats in those days they would sneak out of the river bank,
Grab any food they could they were not afraid of anything, even me.

Maybe it was just a rabbit popping out of his burrow
looking for a nice crisp bit of bush clover to eat
No, it was not that, rabbits were cute
No one could be afraid of them.

Or was it Bigfoot, what does he look like?
Would you see footsteps in the snowy forest?
So many stories about that creature.
I’m just guessing, not knowing if there is truly such a thing as Bigfoot

Whatever lurks in that fog
I sure don’t want to meet up with it.
No snakes or bears or wolfs in our land
Wish my memory would tell me what lurked there in that mist, so many years ago

I think I will abandon the thought and go back to dreaming.
Maybe that creature will appear again in the distant future
Settle my thoughts of severe, stress of things gone wrong.
Something terrible happened there in the mist beside that abandoned shack.

Abandoned house in MD 3 – The shed

Have you had a picture that brings back bad memories from the past?


  1. It’s very nice memories post. We do have bits and pieces of memories of our long gone years, but couldn’t quite put our finger on them. I would like to start writing them. I started to look at some old pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really enjoyed reading, Elsie. I know it probably wasn’t pleasant for you, but, in the telling it came across as a great beginning of a much longer story. You do write well…
    However, to answer your question: I did have, for many years, a feeling/scene of being a young girl with others. The ‘others’ didn’t show their faces; but, they were with me and there was always music playing; a haunting, beautiful music that made me ‘homesick’. I could never explain this scene/feeling. I longed for something to take me there; it was wholesome and good (a stark contrast from my general life, at that time). I haven’t had that feeling/scene come to mind now for quite a few years. I think, with the work I do, that I am ‘there’ now. I feel settled and loved and as if I’ve ‘come home’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Carolyn for replying. Pleased you have overcome all those feeling and haunting dreams.
      There are many scenes in my life that keep haunting me, I would like to over come them and come to peace with my haunted past.
      All the best to your continued peace with life.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So it wasn’t Fiction. Scary thoughts are not pleasant. I have certain times blocked out of memory and some barely there I don’t want to remember. Maybe we all do.


    • No sad to say it is part of my life, which my mind goes into a mad race, everything is coming back to me that I would rather forget.
      So I think the best way to cope with it all is to write about it.
      Love the photo of yourself that you had on your post yesterday.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, it was an attempt at Instagram but weird results! I’m no techie!😂But I think you are right. The more we write about what’s bothering us, while hard to do in part, will probably be a help in the end.

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  4. You certainly had a difficult childhood and I can see the memories would be very difficult. We always had enough, though we were certainly not rich, and my parents budgeted very carefully. Obviously we were luckier than many.


  5. Beautiful post showing your hardship in early years! You have gone through a lot. I am glad you shared as it also chronicles your memories😊😚Thanks for giving us a glimpse of it


  6. Writing certainly can help make sense of our past and our fears. I lost my first mom to asthma when I was only 16 mo. and had recurring nightmares as a child. The thought of your family living in a tin shack surrounded by cold mists and swamp land makes me want to give you a BIG hug, Elsie!

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