Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Plastic Super Market Bags

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Plastic SuperMarket Bags

What is it that you are avoiding at this point of time.


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Plastic SuperMarket Bags

Plastic should be a high-value material and supermarket plastic bags are a no no to me.

Some plastics are all right, those in products, that last a long time, and at the end of its life, you can recycle it.

If you can’t reuse a plastic product, like supermarket bags, and it is just landfill at the dump what’s the sense of using it, I use heavy duty reusable shopping bags and get a refund of 5 cents a bag at my groceries check out.

In our wonderful part of the world down-under we have a good recycling bay, special containers for paper, cardboard, tins, plastic bottles, and glass bottles, picked up twice a month.

Plastic bags can create unsightly litter blowing around the township ending up in rivers and beaches and harmful to the wildlife, an estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the ocean due to escaping the garbage.

Because plastic bags have the potential for causing suffocation, they are especially dangerous around young children.

It is said that non-compostable plastic bags can take centuries to decompose.

So at this point of time, I’m avoiding using and buying any plastics that cannot be recycled.


  1. Welcome to the Exploration Challenge!

    I agree with your cause. There are no refunds in our part of the world. They sell environment friendly jute bags with the store name and logo printed on it. Ideally, branded bags should be given free, or they should just sell plain bags. Whatever will be, will be …

    Thanks for joining us this week!

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    • Love those words “ME TOO”. Yes every week once I have put my groceries away, my bags are left by the back door over night and the first thing that is done next morning is pick those bags up and put them in the car, if I don’t do it that way, I do not remember them the next week, and I would be using plastic bags, a No No to me.
      Thanks for commenting, have a nice week.

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  2. Since we now have reusable bags I do try to avoid the plastic ones for the same reasons as you and the beauty of bringing your own is the reusable bags are stronger and you don’t have the misfortune of the bottom falling out of the plastic bags as sometimes happens. Great post Elsie, and I wish we had that refund function over here.


  3. I agree with you and all the comments, however, as in most walks of life, there is an irony waiting around the corner… Shopping online for groceries, great, but why do they use plastic bags, and even have the audacity to charge for them. Oh yes I have suggested alternatives, boxes, the crates they use, strong paper bags, to name but a few, results, not even an acknowledgment,


    • You have a valued point there about shopping online and the use of plastic bags, there must be another way, back in the 1960’s in the rural area we had our groceries delivered weekly they used large strong brown paper bags and cartons, which was waste to them but was recycle back to use as I always found something to use them for even if it was a sick newborn lamb, which we would burn later in the rubbish.
      Very interesting, I don’t use shopping online and I had not thought of that one, thanks for the comment.
      Have a nice weekend.

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  4. Hello people!!!! I saw some comments and there are people out there who really hate plastics. Before jumping to conclusions, Just one question I would ask, “Can you imagine your life without plastics???”

    Please jump to more about plastics is to come.

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    • Interesting blog, the plastic I was writing about is the plastic bags used for bringing your groceries home from the super market, they are not recyclable they are only landfill.
      In answer to your question, I will be still using other plastics that are recyclable, which are picked up every fortnight in a closed plastic container from my front gate.
      I will put this comment plus your link on my blog.
      Here is the link, if you would like to have a read.


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