Mcclendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 1


Photo Credit – Taranaki, New Zealand

Back Where I Come From September 2017 Challenge – Day 1

Question: Were you raised in the town in which you were born?

Answer: YES

I was born in Stratford Taranaki which is “The Heart Of Taranaki” at the Avon Maternity Hospital on the 10 September 1940

The doctor that delivered me was “Doctor Doris Gordon”, Author of “Back Blocks Baby Doctor”.

BackBlocks Baby Doctor

Photo Credit

Interesting fact –  My fifth child was born at the same hospital twenty-nine years later and Doctor Doris Gordon son Doctor Ross Gordon delivered him.

My parents farmed in Midhirst for the first nine years of my life !940 – 1949.

In 1968 my husband and I bought a farm at Midhirst, (which is four km north of Stratford), for forty-eight years, we farmed it for thirty years, then my son and wife farm it for the next eighteen years, we sold it in 2014.



  1. Wow! What an interesting challenge! 😄 I was born in the town where I currently live too! 😊💕 My husband’s family lived 15 miles from where we live now. My husband’s father used to farm. But my husband chose to be in finance. 😃

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    • Yes, it is interesting, by the time I finish the challenge, I will have revealed a whole lot more about my seventy-seven years on earth.

      Your life sounds like mine, just love our part of the earth which we were born in, which is good, hope you take up the challenge it is a great way to learn about our readers, which I like that idea.
      Thanks for the comment, have a nice weekend.

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  2. I feel like a nomad – I ma now living in my fourth town / city. My sister abd her husband an childen lived in Stratford frm 1976 to 98. Just to be contrary they moved to Dunedin where they have lived ever since.

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    • No you are just fine, I feel that you are part of my life as everyday we read each others post, so it was interesting that your sisters family lived in Stratford for nearly twenty years, I may even know her as I was out working in Stratford in those years, in the rag trade and St Mary’s as a cook etc.
      Have a nice weekend, spring is here the magnolia tree is in full bud now.

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      • Thank you. It is very connecting to read each others’ posts about ourselves.Spring is now here with my little line up of daffodils flowering nicely. My sister’s name was Janet Vaughan. She has since divorced and remarried but that is how she was known back then. My name is Glenys Doull. I was on Tumblr for a while, where we never used names, only blog names and I started out not using my own name on WordPress at all. There rarely seems occasion to mention it now. I look forward to reading more of your writing.


      • Nice to met you Glenys, I like that name.
        I don’t recall your sister name, but you never know, most places you work you never learn the surname and as we grow older I’m bad at remembering names.

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  3. This is a wonderful post, Elsie! I love the fact that you and one of your children were born in the same hospital and that the child of the doctor that delivered you delivered your child. That is a wonderful family tradition. 🙂 I was born in the same hospital as my daddy, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same doctor.

    I look forward to reading your posts in this challenge. What a lovely book of memories you’ll have for your children, too. 🙂 Thanks for participating in our challenge.

    Have a blessed weekend.

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  4. What a wonderful image, Elsie, of Taranaki. Must be a ‘high’ point on the North Island?
    This sounds like it’s going to be an interesting challenge. You’ve had quite an interesting life!
    I love the fact of Doctor Doris’ son delivering your son; so many interesting facts here… 🙂

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    • Thanks, Carolyn for the comment, I think that the fact about the Doctor Gordon’s is history, there are not many that can say something like that.
      Hope you are having a nice weekend and all is well with you.

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