Mcclendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 12


McClendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 12

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September 2017 – Day 12

On the opposite side of the fence, did you know of anyone engaged in an illegal activity? (In the song, they mention moonshine.)


My parents were very strict and that would have been a no – no in our household.

For instant we lived on a farm and were not allow anywhere near cows being served by a bull, we were shield from everything.

In our eyes in the early 1950’s babies came  from the cabbage patch and storks delivered them, I had three sisters and one brother born in 1949, and at the age of nine I never knew my mother was having a baby, it was never discussed any subject to do with sex was forbidden.

Yes I think I could class sex, in (engaging in a illegal activity) in the eyes of my parents.



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