Weekend Writing Prompt #19 – Abundance


Weekend Writing Prompt #19 – Abundance

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To Participate in Sammi Cox Challenge, here is the link.

The prompt – Abundance

Prose Challenge – Write a story that focuses on a quality that you think the world could do with in abundance.  Word limit: 150 words.

Poetry Challenge – Write a non-rhyming poem, in 15 lines or less, that includes the words:

  • abundance
  • prosperity
  • plenty

Think Positive Prosperity will come

Unemployment is a myth, it is in the mind
There is an abundance of work available
Do not be fussy start and learn while young
Believe in yourself take the challenge head on

Do not believe in the spoilers of human lives
There are plenty of them waiting around
They will just drag you down to their level
To the path of failure and destruction

Just believe in yourself and keep thriving
Prosperity is up to you and you alone
Don’t surrender all your hopes and dreams
Happiness is the seed of wisdom and growth



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