McClendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 18


McClendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 18

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September 2017 Day 18

Did you like your childhood home? What did you like or not like about it?

I liked living in Eltham and loved it, even more, a special place in my heart.

The photo above is Eltham. it is 11 kilometres south of Stratford, it was my home town from 1951 – 1958, I had my first job at the age of fifteen for three years at a book and fancy goods business in the little township.

Eltham is known as the cradle of the Taranaki dairy industry (the co-operative system in particular), and for being the one place in New Zealand that manufactured rennet which is important in cheesemaking especially Bluevain Cheese

Eltham’s other significant industry is the Riverlands (formerly J. C. Hutton’s) freezing works, which has a satellite plant in Bulls, in Manawatu. Both plants can process up to 1250 head of cattle daily.

Eltham school motto – Learn by Doing, Knowledge is Power, I have never forgotten it.

I lived my life with that thought always in my mind, I still follow those words every day.




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