Short Tale Challenge #4 – Flowers


Short Tale Challenge #4 – Flowers

“Each Tuesday, Edwin Ronald Lambert will be putting up a prompt and you can simply publish a post on your own blog responding to the prompt.

The task is to write a short tale in no more than 100 words.”

Today’s prompt is “Flower”

The Life of a Flower Poem

Life of a flower
Depends on what kind
Some are here for days
Even weeks if not picked

Life of a flower
For some is very short
Only one day here
Next day was gone

Life of a flower
can be very rewarding
A bee visiting and tickling
preparing food for humans

Life of a flower
Seeing all the admiration
From humans smiling
Is very rewarding

Life of a flower
Is very short in a season
That is why we are beautiful
For all to enjoy is our pleasure



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