Tell Me A Tale – September – #TMAT120 

Tell Me A Tale – September – #TMAT120 


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My favorite season is Autumn.

It is the season of plenty, summer is over but the warm days are still with us and the nights are cooler, easier to sleep.

When taking a walk through the pine trees, many magic mushrooms are growing, and the feeling of fairies are in the air.

Rabbits are scampering under the bushes, in the distance, you can hear the wild goats calling out for their mates.

It is the season of peace, the harvest cropping is over, the smell of new seasons hay is in the air as I walk past the hay shed.

March and April easter time in New Zealand, time to enjoy the end of a hard working year on the farm.



  1. Autumn seem to be a much-loved season. Thanks for joining in with a wonderful description.
    It took me a few seconds to remember that autumn in New Zealand is spring in the USA. I loved trying to imagine growing up in a place where January was summer. 🙂

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    • Yes, it does seem strange. This Sunday Daylight saving comes in, clocks turned back an hour, must be nearly time for yours to go forward.
      I would love to see Christmas with snow, when I was a child I could never understand why Christmas cards always had snow on them when I had never seen snow around our house for Christmas. It’s like living in another world.

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      • I know what you mean. I grew up where there was no snow. When I was in elementary school I asked my mom, “What’s snow?” This was before frost-free freezers. She opened the freezer that needed to be defrosted and said, “This is as close as I can get to showing you. “

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