McClendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 26


McClendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 26

The photo was taken late winter the lambs were arriving, but the trees still had not broken out in leaf bud.

This challenge is based on Kenny Chesney’s song Back Where I Come From.  There are other home-and hometown-related questions to round out the 30 days of posts.

If you would like to participate in “Back Where I Come From Challenge”, Here is the link. Suzanne Gunter McClendon is the author of this challenge

September 2017 – Day 26

Does your hometown experience all four seasons? If not, which ones does it skip over?

Conditions vary sharply across Taranaki from extremely wet to very dry summers.

We have not had a Summer since 2016, it has been a flow on of Spring weather for the last eighteen months, so hopefully, January 2018 will bring on the summer days.


The snow season is from May until early October, though cold snaps can occur through most seasons.




  1. Wow! That is indeed a cold snap! I do not live in a country with seasons – we only have one season, which is hot, sunny, humid or rainy. We are a tiny dot hear the equator?How to the cows stand up to the cold? Housing them in the barn, is that usually enough for them? Silly question from a city girl LOL!


    • Yes, the seasons have certainly changed over the last few years.
      No, the cows are not housed, they are amazing, they always take the weather with the flow, like us humans, they know they will get feed early, like us humans it’s amazing what a good meal can do.
      If we know is going to snow we would have them in a paddock where they would be able to find shelter and any thin cows would have covers.

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  2. I would love, love to have snow in May here rather than 100+ degree temps. Most of the time we don’t get it at all. The last time it did, it snowed a few flurries for about 15 minutes and it all melted before it hit the ground. It was just teasing us. The first winter we were here in Texas, it snowed on Christmas Day, which was totally amazing. Even back home in South Carolina, I don’t remember a Christmas Day snow.

    The little lambs are adorable and black and white cows are my favorite. I have a collection of them here, kitchenware and stuffed toys. 🙂

    Thanks for participating in the challenge Elsie. I enjoy learning more about you and your area. Have a blessed day.

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