Tell Me A Tale – October – #TMAT120 

Tell Me A Tale – October – #TMAT120 

Your #TMAT120 post needs to be 120 words — no more, no less.

Today’s prompt is: Welcome to October 5  Today’s prompt is:  Which do you prefer, city living or country living…and why?

268 Piko Road Urenui copy

Image – My Country home for fifteen years, until we shifted to our townhome in Waitara.

Country Living

I have lived in the country all my life and would never have changed that life for the city, so much easier bringing up a family, it’s a healthy life caring for animals even if it is three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Now retired and living in a town, I no longer want the country life, my body is tired from years of hard heavy farm work.

Why I prefer town life now?

I’m older and both my husband and I have cancer, it is easier to get health care when needed than living in the country and no isolation, you have company often, it is a feeling of satisfaction knowing you have instant help if needed.



  1. Wow! I’m blown away! You are fighting a battle with your health and yet you remain so upbeat. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and for presenting so well the reasons why one person can love both country and city living .

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  2. Oh my goodness! I am thinking of you in your diagnosis…I am still a cancer survivor (not official until I’m 5 years with NED). I think about my parents who live in the country and have spoken to them countless times about moving closer to town and resources, but they aren’t ready to give up the life they have built in their home. They’ve always loved the country and don’t even like going to the city, let alone living there. I try not to push — but their hardships hurt my heart ❤ Be well, my writing friend ❤

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    • Thanks for the kind words.Yes we were like your parents, we only left the farm when we found out we had cancer, otherwise, we would most likely still be there, my husband is eighty now, we were still farming a year ago.
      Two winters ago was the hardest for me, I had half my top lip removed in May 2015, three weeks later when I had had the stitches removed I was out on the farm helping my husband feed the animals, that was very hard, it was so cold I could not feel my face.
      Well, we have moved on, sad it is too late to enjoy a trip away, as my head isn’t good, so much pain when under stress. Happy days.

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