Carpe Diem #1275 nakedness

Carpe Diem #1275 nakedness

Nakedness is maybe somewhat controversial at CDHK, but let Chèvrefeuille gives you his idea about “nakedness”.

We were all born naked, but as we grow up we learned that one cannot go naked through the streets.

Nakedness is private, so if you love to be naked, then you have to that in your own home, maybe your garden, but not on the streets.

In my opinion “nakedness” is part of nature, there are no living creatures, except us humans, that use clothing to cover their nakedness. So if we are part of nature, as we surely do, why not going naked?

Why do we feel ashamed as we walk naked through our own home, not for our loved ones around us, but maybe for those who walk outside your window, they maybe see your nakedness?


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Nakedness Haiku

every human child
born naked has angels wings
to the mothers eyes


  1. Well Elsie, you know as well as I that through history many reasons have evolved.
    There are still tribes that left alone walk naked. Most have been told it is sinful.
    Personally I would freeze most of the time.😊🦋
    Have a lovely weekend

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