Carpe Diem #1276 Tranquil

Carpe Diem #1276 Tranquil

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, trip along memory-lane goes today along one of those special features. It was a feature in which he introduced haiku by renown and unknown haiku poets. That special feature was titled “Sparkling Stars” and the prompt comes from one of the episodes in autumn 2014. (You can find that episode HERE)

The title of this episode is extracted from a haiku by Koyu-Ni,

Koyu-Ni was (as e.g. Chiyo-Ni) a Buddhistic nun (as can be seen at her name “ni” stands for “female monk”.) There aren’t many haiku known by her.

hana chirite shizuka ni narinu hito-gokoro

the blossoms have fallen:
our minds are now

[…] Koyu-Ni died in 1782, her family name was Matsumato. She is one of the more prominent woman poets of the Edo period. She learned haiku from Songi the First. […]

Chevrefeuille translated this haiku:

tranquility –
finally I have found peace,
blossoms have fallen

© Koyu-Ni (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

The feeling of tranquility.

Life and dead are living together just on a thin line of silk, so close to one another, but that’s the circle of life, the beauty of Mother Nature. This is what haiku is … writing about nature and mankind as being part of its beauty.


Photo Credit

My Haiku on Tranquility – below it, two lines for a tanka poem

nature at its best
before the blossoms fall down
clear the mind reset

thats inward tranquility
purest moment of freedom



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