Seven Days Seven Photos Challenge Before & After

Seven Days, Seven Black & White Photos Challenge Before & After

This post shows the Before and After of the Photos, I used in the 7 Days 7 B&W Photos Challenge.

Day 1

Landscape trees copy

Landscape trees

  Landscape trees from the veranda of my country home.

Day 2

640px-Basket_of_wild_blackberries copy


Basket of wild blackberries 

Day 3

Possum Damage copy

Possum Damage

Possum Damage to the lemon tree, it was kind enough to leave me the juice. 

Day 4

Stacked_Black_wood copy


Stacked Blackwood for the winter fire drying out. 

Day 5

Red Maple copy

Red Maple.jpg

Red Maple in my country home garden

Day 6

Landscrape copy


Late autumn river landscape with calves  watching me beside the house

Day 7

Pink Sweet William Flowers copy

Pink Sweet William Flowers

    Pink Sweet William Flowers in my country home garden.



  1. Almost all of my favorites were the color photos, while the basket of blackberries is beautiful in black and white, Elsie. The one star shaped stem stands out and it attracts my eyes to it. The basket weave is prettier in the monochrome photo, too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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