Landscape Epanalepsis poem

Landscape Epanalepsis Poem

My first attempt at writing an Epanalepsis poem using a photo I took while I was at our farm last week.

Thanks to Mick and all his new forms of poetry, I did try, if you would like to,

here is the link,

Standing at the gateway, camera in my hand, holding
Waiting for my husband to return, to drive me back home
he returns walking along the track, I’m still waiting.
Sun is shining too bright, can only see the sun
camera in my hand, focus click, hand still on the camera
Cannot see hope that I have a photo even if I cannot see
Surprise when I downloaded the photo on my computer
I view a nice landscape photo of the farm what a surprise.

The color coding:

RED: The repeated words in epanalepsis don’t have to be identical, but must be in context.

BLUE: Epanalepsis can occur across two sentences.

GREEN: The same word used at the beginning, and end of a sentence.

MAUVE: Epanalepsis can occur within a clause of a sentence.



  1. Wow Elsie, love it, look at what it inspired me to write. Point of interest your the first to test my invention, all mine were prototypes. A big HUG and big THANK YOU

    Holding ground, standing, your on my security team,
    Wow my heart is thumping my breath I’ve been holding
    Myself I’ve set a trial to use the prompts I set myself
    In my short poetry challenge, time, I thought would be short
    Surprised myself with time to spare I truly am surprised
    Your title, your poem although not a trial your title did it
    Epanalepsis, a pair, wow, a pair of not matched epanalepsis.

    Yours inspired mine what more can I say, but thank you. I am going to enter mine in my challenge.
    Thinks, I will drop the last line as the pair bit will only mean something to you and me. Really pleased with yours, encore, encore.

    PS I will pingback here when I am done posting it. Think I’ll colour code it too. Have a great week Elsie, and again thank you for your moral support, Mick

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