Weekend Writing Prompt #35 – End of Year Challenge


Weekend Writing Prompt #35 – End of Year Challenge

Thank you, Sammi Cox, for the word prompt – End of Year Challenge –  Sammi says it is a little different for the final Weekend Writing Prompt of 2017.

Here are the Challenges Sammi has given us today, if you would like to join in please use the link above, this is not my challenge.

Do any or all of the following – it’s up to you!

  • Post a link to your favourite response to a Weekend Writing Prompt so we can all revisit it again.  If you posted your response in the comments copy and paste it below.
  • Answer the following question: Out of the 34 Weekend Writing Prompt posts published, what was your favourite poetry or prose challenge, word prompt or photo prompt?
  • If you are wanting to write something new, go through the list of writing prompts to see if there are any weeks you missed and pick one.  (You can find them all here.)  If you’ve participated every week, choose one at random.  Don’t forget to post your link / your response below.
  • Write a post inspired by the words “End of Year Challenge” and leave a link at the bottom of the image above.
  • Write a poem or story inspired by the photo montage above and post to the link at the bottom of the image above.

Before I write my poem for the End of year challenge – 35, I’m leaving a link for Week 16 – Colours, it was a very successful post.

Now to write a Tanka poem inspired by the photo above.

beautiful colors
winding up end of year prompts
a photo montage
from my house to yours Sammi
wishing you, Happy New Year.


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