My First Silly Limerick Poem


My First Silly Limerick Poem

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There was a woman who loved to dance
Living in a state of religious trance
She leaps in the air
Nothing to compare
She continued floating in a stance

What is Limerick Poetry?

It is a short funny poem that follows certain rules:
AABBA rhyme scheme
Lines 1, 2, and 5 have 8 – 10 syllables
Lines 3, and 4 have 5 syllables.


  1. Limericks make me laugh. I have never tried to do write one myself but there are those who can do it just like that and one smaller party I went to had a limerick for each guest on their plate. Caught our personalities so humorously.

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    • Thanks for the smile, I enjoyed trying to write one, but I don’t know if I will continue, they leave me thinking alot about the right words to rhyme and if they go together the right way.
      Hope you have a great weekend.

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