dVerse Poetics – Winter on the Farm


dVerse Poetics – Winter on the Farm

Poetics: Photography by Sharon Knight

#dVerse – Posted by Mish in Poetics – She s featuring the photography of Sharon Knight

Winter on the Farm

Winter Morning on the farm
Up at the break of dawn
Dull sun breaking through
So cold, animals need feeding

My toes were feeling the cold
Gumboots covered with ice
Socks not keeping them warm
Animals can’t be seen anywhere

Please sun warm the crisp air
Fingers freezing in my gloves
No animals answering as I call
More walking that is for sure

Rounding the corner of the shed
There they were huddled together
Now to get that tractor started
Hope the battery will turn over

Not many joys in a farmers winter life
Welfare of animals always on the mind
Weather can make or break a person
Winter morning on the farm very cold.

Many thanks to Sharon Knight for allowing us to use her photos to write a poem.

If you would like to join in here is the link.



    • Thanks Bjorn for commenting, yes, at the end of the day if all goes right and the animals are all feed, to come inside to a nice hot mug of soup by a warm fire, there is great satisfaction.
      Have a great day.


  1. A great picture of a farmer’s responsibilities going to the barn morning and evening, feeding cattle bedding them down, breaking the ice in the trough etc. I have been there and done that!

    If you click on the Mr. Linky box it will give you a place to copy and paste your page for this post into the list of participants. You can also click on their names and read their posts as well.
    Welcome to d’Verse

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    • For sure, but even when you retire from the farm it still seems to continue on, work is never finished even when you think you have finished, next day still something waiting to be done, I presume that’s all about living.
      Thanks for commenting, all the best for 2018.


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