Frank J Tassone Haikai Challenge #17 Raven – Haibun


Frank J Tassone Haikai Challenge #17 Raven – Haibun

Frank say’s write the haiku poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, renga/renku, haiga, etc.) in which you name or reference Raven.

The Common Raven is a Northern Hemisphere bird.

There are many species and can live some twenty odd years in the wild.

The New Zealand Raven has been extinct since the 16th century, so I have not had the pleasure of ever seeing one.

known to be pests
are very intelligent
mimic many sounds

I haven’t been writing for a few days, the weather in New Zealand has been very hot and exhausting to an old body. Cheers happy days.


    • Yes, the heat is very hard to cope with, especially after no summer last year in Taranaki.
      Here’s to a peaceful weekend, hope the storm coming in does not cause too much damage.


  1. Elsie, although not seen so often, ravens are astonishing birds…I love your poem here about them. Interesting to learn they are extinct in New Zealand – is there any one reason? Hope the weather cools down soon for you.

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    • Thanks for commenting and asking that question. I did a google search to see if I could find out why they are extinct but have found nothing if I do find something I will come back and let you know, it is a question still in my mind that I will not give up easily.
      Hope you are having a pleasant peaceful week.

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